Restoring a childhood love, for a love one.

A good friend stopped by in November and asked if we could restore a very special gift for his wife. He brought in this great rocking horse his wife was given by her grandfather when she was a small child.

Beautiful workmanship in the 50's had crafted this little guy. We were up for the task! Old fiberglass molded body and actaul hand forged hardware with stirrups also made on a forge, we soon realized both front legs were broken off and electrical taped back on. One of the stirrups had worn the fiberglass loose and someone had stuck a piece of old linoleum flooring on the side to try to reinforce the bolts that held the stirrup on. There were also many opened cracks around the body. The mechanism that makes the horse rocks as a child rides into the sunset is made of truck springs. 
We were delighted to get the email back about this great horse.
Hi Guys,

I just could not wait to give Helene the horse. Needless to say, she loves it!
Here's the story. The horse was a prototype made by her grandfather with the intention of putting them into production. She said that another one was made but doesn't know what ever became of it. She thinks her father added the stirrups later. It was given to Helene by her grandfather when she was a baby so it is > 65 years old. She rode on it a lot as a small child and said that she did most of the damage to it. She remembers riding it so hard that it would slide across the room (and into the wall.) She said that Dan and Kim also rode it when they were little.
It has earned a place of honor upstairs. Now if we can keep the grandsons from abusing it!

Have a great Christmas and thank you!

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